Private Parking Sector Myths

June 2021

At TRACE Enforcement Group our debt recovery team specialise is the recovery of parking charge debt. We deal with many companies who manage a range of car parks from large retail complexes to countryside spaces.  

Working in the private parking sector we often see and hear negative and false information, when in fact our clients offer a positive and beneficial service to land and business owners.

The most common myths explained…

Blue Badge holder can park anywhere

Unless stated on signage, Blue Badge holders must abide by the same terms and conditions of the car park as other motorists on private land. When parking in a marked disabled bay a valid Blue Badge must be in clear view.  Blue Badge holders are still required to pay and display when parking on private land, as with any motorist it is always essential to check signage to note any specific terms and conditions on the site.

If a pay and display ticket is purchased it does not matter if the vehicle registration is correct

When entering a car park, if a motorist decides to remain on the land and park they must abide by the terms and conditions. One of the terms and conditions of parking on a pay and display site is to ensure they have entered their full and correct vehicle registration when making payment at a machine or via an online payment method. Even if a motorist enters this incorrectly by one digit, they are liable for a Parking Charge Notice.

A physical Parking Charge Notice must be affixed to the windscreen

Many private parking operators use ANPR cameras to manage sites. Still images are captured of vehicles/vehicle registrations on entry and exit to the car park. If a vehicle breaches the terms and conditions of the site, the details are then sent to the DVLA for keeper details. Once the DVLA provides the keeper details a Parking Charge Notice is then sent in the post.

Not all sites use ANPR camera technology, some use wardens in order to ensure the correct use of disabled bays, parent, and child bays etc. When wardens are used, motorists may be issued with a physical Parking Charge Notice (PCN) at the time but can also receive a PCN through the post as with ANPR managed sites.

Can I get a parking ticket whilst sitting in my car?

Yes, you can. It is irrelevant whether or not you are in the car – if your vehicle overstays or breaks the rules of the car park, you can be issued a Parking Charge Notice. Often car parks offer grace periods to allow time to park before or after buying a ticket, but you cannot circumvent the rules by remaining in your car.

The internet is full of misconceptions about the parking industry, it is important to deal with any Parking Charge Notices received as soon as possible.

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